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Amit Ranchhod, PharmD


Amit is a licensed pharmacist at our Florida Specialty Pharmacy. Amit came to the North Florida region to attend pharmacy school from the University of Florida where he later met his wife, a Jacksonville native. The pair decided to stay in the region, and Amit spent time working for large, retail pharmacies before joining the CSNF family.

His motto when it comes to patient care is “one patient at a time, one problem at a time.”

“I focus 100% on the patient I’m assisting in the moment, working to answer any questions and quell any concerns they may have,” he says. “While their questions or concerns may be just one of the 100 things I’m tasked with dealing with during the day, for them it’s everything. It’s important we understand the gravity that this experience has on their life.”

“I love the fact that I work for a practice that helps so many people every single day, and I hope that every patient I meet knows that they can always trust me to help them to the best of my ability.”

When not at the office, Amit loves spending time with his wife and parents, and educating himself on the world around him.


Licensed Pharmacist


University of Florida
Doctor of Pharmacy